Saturday, 6 April 2013

Who's the Winner This time?


  Congratulations, Kylie Cook from South Australia!!

You are the winner of This Ultimate Presser Feet Set.

Now that we've ALL survived Easter (AND came out of chocolate coma), let's enjoy the cooler weather and get into some serious sewing!

And I KNOW Kylie will, because she's just got herself a brand new set of shoes so her sewing machine is about to perform some fancy foot work :-)

As always, here are the official results from the good people at

And this is what Kylie told us she's going to do with her prize...

"Oh it will be so hard to decide which foot to use first, I have been borrowing a presser foot as my cheeky toddler managed to lose all of mine, so winning this is simply awesome.

I can get back into using my machine to make my daughter who is due in June some Ruffly goodness, and clothes for the older kidlets.

I can use the walking foot to help make making modern cloth nappies easier, and try my hand at quilting, which is something i have always wanted to do but never had the right tools to do!

Thank you so so very much!"

Kylie Cook
South Australia

Congratulations, Kylie!!

And now, who wants to know what YOU might win NEXT??

Yes, that's right. One of our Lucky Sewists here will Enjoy Natural Daylight - all through winter!

And you can find out MORE about this stylish Marietta Lamp (by Ott-Lite)

Note: The model shown in video is not the same as one on sale here but the bulb technology (i.e. the important bit) is the same.

To win one for yourself, please go to

Because, you never know, you might be the next winner!


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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Drum roll Please: This Month's Winner is

Drum roll Please: 

This Month's Winner is... 


  Congratulations, Nerissa (from Victoria)!!

You are the winner of this awesome AccuQuilt Go! Baby Fabric Cutter. Yay!

Are you as excited as me....?

Here are the official results from the good people at

Congratulations, Nerissa!!

And, this video shows how you can save upto 90% of cutting time - just like that!

Note: Dies and Cutting Mats sold separately. This listing is for the Go! Baby Cutter ONLY.
And, you can find more information here.

Now, for everyone else, if you feel a little bit like Mr. Pugsley here....

Hey, What About Me...?? Where's MY prize?

Keep going... it might just be YOU next time :-)

Find out what the next prize is, please go to:

Hey, you might as well enter - because SOMEONE has to WIN. Right?

Best of luck, we hope it's you!


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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Breaking News: Mannequin has a home And we have a lucky draw Winner!


  Congratulations, Brandi (from VIC)!!

You are the winner of a Diana (in the size of YOUR choice).

Diana mannequin

This time 'round, I'm still as excited as last month - wow, has it been a whole month already?!

Here are the official results from the good people at

Congratulations, Brandi!!

For everyone else, if you want to find what the next month's prize is, please go to

Because, you never know, you might be the next winner!


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Saturday, 5 January 2013

We have a Winner... for our first lucky draw!


  Congratulations, Jenny Chiu (from NSW)!!

You are the winner of our very first lucky draw.

To be honest, I'm just as excited as all of you who have join our first lucky draw!

Here are the official results from the good people at


Congratulations, Jenny!!

Now, on a separate note....

I'd like to say a BIG Thank You to each and every one of you
who have entered our Lucky Draw at Sew Much Easier....

   To show my appreciation  

I'd like to
make it possible for you to own a trolley case too.

While there are NO red ones left,
There are still have a few of these trolley cases left - in black.

For all My Lucky Draw Entrants ONLY...

Just for you, at $97.00
(plus postage),

This Black Trolley Case is ALL yours!

Considering the RRP of these trolley cases are $149.99 - you get to save $52.00 (which could go towards some fabric, maybe?)

The only catch though, is that we are down to the LAST 11 (eleven) cases.


That's all we have left - ever - in this style.
Because The supplier has long run out, and they do not plan on making them any more.

That means you probably won't find it anywhere else (and certainly not within Australia that I know of).

 Simply Click Here to Grab Yours Now!

Get yours NOW, and let your sewing adventure BEGIN this summer!


P.S. Remember - there are only a few trolley cases left. First in, First grab!


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

How To Use Your Ruffler Foot

Lately, quite a few people have asked me all sorts of questions about ruffler foot: how the ruffler works, how to use it, what sort of ruffler they need, the differences between the different rufflers, and whether the ruffler they have in mind will fit their machine. The list goes on.....

Seeing that I'm still working on my own tutorials (which will be hosted on my own YouTube channel - woohoo!!), here's a quick guide I put together - using found resources powered by Google - to give you an overview on ruffler foot - hopfully it will get you happily ruffling for the time being :-)

Ok, let's get started:

What Sort of Ruffler is right for my machine?

First, consider the "Shank Height" of your machine, because there are TWO variations:

Low Shank & High Shank - what's the difference?

Low Shank Ruffler                                                 High Shank Ruffler

Most domestic machines have LOW shanks. Just to give you an idea, we sell about 10 low shank presser feet to ONE high shank foot.

That means if you don't know what sort of shank your machine has, it's probably a low shank. Because High Shank machines are generally "fancy" embroidery models which are more costly, and those who invest in these models tend to know exactly what shank type it is.

The next decision is which low shank ruffler to go with?

There are TWO types:

The Ultimate or The Regular - what's the difference?

Apart from a few cosmetic or design differences, the only REAL difference is Ultimate Rufflers have an extra adjustment.

Take a closer look (see pic on the right),
you will see one adjustable screw or "dial".

As you loosen the screw or "dial" in or out, you will be able to slide the whole foot left or right.

This is where you get to adjust your foot in relation to your needle position to allow your ruffler foot clearance (so that your needle does not hit any part of the ruffler).

This is only necessary if you have an unusual machine that has a unique needle position which cannot be changed.

This tends to apply only to really basic, budget machines which has little or no needle position adjustments (this is very rare). Or older, more obscure makes and models.

For most people, there is NO need to go for the ultimate - I've tested BOTH rufflers and they are functionally identical.

To attach your ruffler on to your sewing machine
(I'm using my Janome 19110 for demonstration)

First of all you need to remove TWO things:
  1. Whatever foot you've got on your machine right now
  2. The Presser Foot Adaptor (sometimes referred to as "Foot Holder").

Almost all of the feet that came with your sewing machine will be the "Snap-On"
type (such as the Satin Stitch / ZigZag Foot, Overedge Foot and our Quarter 1/4 inch Foot) as opposed to the "Screw-On" type (your Walking Foot, Darning Foot and Binding Foot belongs to this group, so is your ruffler).

Before you do anything, turn the hand wheel towards you to bring the needle to its highest position (see Figure 4 in diagram below).

Next you also need to raise your presser foot, so that it is AWAY from the metal plate (see diagram below, but don't worry too much about the numbers).

To remove the snap-on presser foot, push the presser foot release - a RED button or a lever - located behind the presser foot adaptor.

The presser foot will come off. Now be sure to put this foot in a safe spot so you know where to find it later....

Using a screwdriver (the one that comes with your machine is fine) to undo that set screw on the side of the Foot Adaptor (see diagram below)


If your machine is brand new, and this is the first time you've tried to undo the screw, it will be fairly tight.....

Expect to use a bit of elbow grease and patience but NEVER use blunt force, because you don't want to damage the thread on the screw.

If you have a magnetic screwdriver
- the sort that will grab hold of your screw - it will make this job easier.

Remove the Foot Adaptor from your vertical presser bar

(commonly know as "shank", and sometimes called "the stem")
and keep it in a safe place. You will need it to attach other feet.

DO NOT lose your Presser Foot Adaptor....

Because you NEED it to attach your snap-on feet back on your machine. BUT if you happen to lose it, Don't Stress - we have some spares on sale in our eBay store....

Put the little set screw somewhere Safe and Handy!
You will need it again in a minute.

Now, your machine will now look something like this:

Now, To attach the Ruffler:

First find the U hook, also known as a "Fork Arm".

This is the part of your ruffler foot that MUST go around the Needle Clamp (i.e. that horizontal bar thing that holds your needle in place). Making sure the top prong of the Fork Arm is ABOVE the Needle Clamp.

Now, see that "claw" thing with two prongs? That's the part that holds onto your shank (aka vertical presser bar), where the screw goes back in (between the two prongs) and fasten the whole foot onto the shank.

Let's put it in place. And move your wheel - slowly - up or down, to align the screw hole between the two prongs.

Make sure your Fork Arm (or U Hook) is still in place, surrounding the Needle Clamp. This is VERY important, because the up-and-down movement of your needle bar is what "drives" your ruffler.

Now, put your screw in and tighten with the screwdriver. Making sure your ruffler foot is nice and securely attached.

Yay! Your ruffler foot is ready for action.

Now, be kind to yourself and have patience as you try to get the hang of mastering this "foot-on, foot-off" action on a regular basis.

Next, see the Ruffler Foot in Action!

While it might seem a bit fiddly to start with, this process does become easier - most of my customers have found the above information useful, and they are all happily ruffling away now :-)

As always, please feel free to ask me any time you feel stuck. I am happy to walk you through this process so you can get going with the fun part.....

Happy Ruffling!!


P.S. Looking for a Ruffler for your machine?
Take a look at our store HERE and grab yourself a new ruffler foot today!